BRMS – Smart -Train®

"Safeguarding Equipment Reliability” - IADC accredited

Smart-Train, like no other training currently available in the industry, provides curricula specifically designed to tackle the most common human errors in subsea control equipment.

Utilizing our BOP simulators has competency benefits above and beyond the power of loss mitigation and teaches your employees how to safeguard equipment reliability:

• Assures the safeguarding of reliability before the equipment is placed into service.

• Provides simple techniques technicians can use every day to identify and prevent integrity issues from occurring.

• Promotes an understanding of the human error related operational reliability issues.

• Trains technicians to identify and prevent avoidable component/system integrity issues proactively.

Smart -Train® Summary of Courses

M.1. Understanding and Reading Basic Schematic/Entry Level Troubleshooting BOP Control Systems

M.2. Typical BOP Control Equipment Failures and Advanced Control System Troubleshooting, Multiple Failure Modes

M.3. Seal Technology, Recognizing Seal Failures, Failure Prevention and corrective actions.

M.4. Control Fluids Management, Maintenance and New Technologies

M.5. Fasteners Flanges and End Connections, Identifying failure modes, corrosion prevention corrective actions

M.6. Industry and Regulatory Minimum Standards, Identifying minimum criteria's for BOP and control systems

M.7. Policies, Procedures and Management of Change. Why we manage our business and the benefits to the industry

M.8. Effective Inspection, Recording and Technical Investigation techniques

Entrance Exam and Introduction

Final Exam and Certificate Issuance

Labs are incorporated into the overall class timelines for delivery. Modules 1/2/3/5/6 and 8 require hands on demonstration of skill set