Over 150 Years of Subsea Subject Matter Expertise In Both Upstream and Downstream Well Control Equipment

All BRMS services are dedicated to the safe reduction of downtime from multiple fronts, such as competency and training on methodologies to “Safeguard Equipment Integrity”, and real-time on-demand risk assessment for in-service BOP or production controls equipment with our patented methods to shorten decision making time for corrective or contingent actions.

With decades of experience within our staff of engineers we understand the struggles Operators, Drilling Contractors, regional regulators, and even the Major OEMs are faced with in every operating circumstance to safeguard the safety of ultra-deepwater offshore operations, and we have dedicated our resources to providing technology-based solutions.

BOP Risk Mitigation Services addresses the toughest blowout preventer and field development electro/hydraulic control system reliability issues. Our mission is to exceed customer expectations, and consistently set the standard of quality and innovation.

We deliver engineering technology-based BOP virtual environment simulators and other real-time risk assessment tools. We strive for excellence in safety, services, products and knowledge. Our mission is to assist our clients with assessing and reporting the most challenging reliability issues they face today.

We provide innovative technology-based solutions to the Major Oil and Gas Operators, Drilling Contractors, the OEMs or equipment manufacturers, and even the Global Industry Regulators. It is the commitment of our employees and the company’s business knowledge which is the key to our long-term success and the contributions to our client’s success.

Our services include Patented Real Time Loss Mitigation for in-service Subsea BOP's and Controls, equipment reliability assessments, and safeguarding equipment reliability-based competency training. BOP Risk Assessments, which include component and system identification, regulatory and industry considerations, and recognition of the total systems capabilities for contingency planning and reporting.

Meet the Team

With decades of experience within our staff of engineers we understand the struggles Operators, Drilling Contractors, regional regulators and even the Major OEMs are faced with in every operating circumstance to safeguard the safety of ultra-deepwater offshore operations, we have dedicated our resources to providing technology-based solutions to ensure safety and efficiency to our client’s operations.

Garry Davis

President & CEO

Garry Davis is the President and CEO of BRMS. He brings to the business opportunity an in-depth knowledge of BOP's (Blow Out Preventers) and Production Electro Hydraulic Controls Systems. Mr. Davis has over 35 years of relevant experience in business and technical subject matter expertise.

He has a proven ability to manage BRMS, its assets and personnel, with experience in company management, Well Control Equipment based Risk and Loss Management, technical design reviews and evaluations. He has served in roles such as research and development, manufacturing and production of subsea equipment, not to exclude technology-based tools and equipment.

Mr. Davis can mitigate and troubleshoot problems in Electro/Hydraulic controls equipment. He has an extensive background in writing, reviewing and assessing technical controls equipment test and operating procedures. Garry has direct experience in the training of technical skills, safety related programs, and software applications to end users.

He is a subject matter expert in the field of technical investigation to determine the root cause of failures in subsea well control equipment. He has dedicated his career to building several rapid response systems that give drilling contractors, operators and even the regional regulators the technical information needed for rapid assessment when BOP or production controls equipment suffer some degradation in operational capabilities.

His goals were to build a system that was capable of performing all of the loss mitigation risk and technical assessments in a few minutes rather than hours, days or even weeks as is typical in the offshore industry today!



Steve Oleary

Vice President of Technical Services

Steve Oleary has over 40 years’ experience in the offshore drilling industry. He is a subject matter expert in project management, shipyard construction, BOP controls including design modifications, upgrades and well control equipment maintenance and repair. He also has experience in power generation plants, thrusters, topside drilling equipment, cranes and marine subject matters.

With 20 years of proven experience in Technical Support and Management, Mr. Oleary advanced to a director level of management, and is privileged to have worked with some of the most talented deep-water drilling teams and well control equipment technicians in the world.

Steve is an expert in developing Interactive BOP hydraulic controls virtual environment simulators and advanced training for Blowout Preventer Equipment and Controls. He is also a technical Subject Matter Expert in the field of risk and loss mitigation strategies to combat the inevitable component failures or degradations.

Steve has spent his career dedicated to improving the safety and reliability of the deepwater drilling industry and is passionate about his ability to improve the traditional operating environment.



Emily Davis

Administrative Manager