BRMS – Smart -Risk®

Rapid Risk Assessment Tool for In-Service BOP Systems

Complete system FMECA risk assessment of simple integrity and functional faults for each BOP component:

• Thousands of failure mode combinations assessed in advance of any known failure or degradation

• Single point failure identification

• Living FMECA (Failure Mode and Criticality Assessment)

• BRMS Designed Reliability Block Diagrams with criticality designators

• Specially formulated Fault Trees with criticality designators

• Decision Tree based on system configuration and its design merits

• BRMS Delivers as a standard an evaluation of system improvement opportunities to increase reliability that can be incorporated into a 5 year continuous improvement plan

Family of Function Block Diagrams

Communicating to the reviewer the total systems capabilities in a pictorial format that is easy to understand and assess. All components in the family from critical supply out to major function can be found in a single document instead of stretched out across multiple P&IDs.

Reliability Block Diagrams

Developed and delivered using the IEC 80612 international standard, allowing the reviewer to see the family members redundant capabilities.

Fault Tree Analysis

Developed to communicate the top event should the component or system degrade to a loss of functionality, this is traditionally referred to as the “What IF”.

On-Demand Automated Risk Assessment Report

Inputting the Component ID render the component nomenclature and the family association and selecting the failure mode auto completes the full risk assessment including symptomology, trouble shooting and a contingency plan to maintain control for your primary responsibility to well control.

Pointedly formatted to communicate the technical facts using standard verbalization, and largely populated by pre-assessment information making assembly quick and easy.

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The below graphic is a comparison of traditional Risk and Loss Mitigation timelines to that of the BRMS Risk and Loss Mitigation System. The BRMS system accomplishes a 100% accurate technical assessment in a mere fraction of the time for rapid response contingencies based on the design of the system and reporting requirements.