BRMS – Smart -Serve®

BRMS provides 100 years of experience and subject matter expertise in loss mitigation,
as well as:

• Assist clients in the management of change process

• Provide 24/7 support providing assessment and mitigation

• Provide Licensing, software & system upgrades

• Review report with Management

• Submit report and review with Regulator (Eg. BSEE) if required

• Provide recommendations for improved functionality and redundancy

Case Studies

1) BOP Simulator used to give work and operating instruction on a Cameron system to do a rigid conduit dye injection for troubleshooting.

2) Deadman Autoshear triggering valve leak rate study; Used the system to investigate the total leak rate based on time and pressure loss, and articulate the minimum and maximum flow rates of the hydraulic control line, conventionally moored with DP assist rig. A statement of fact of the study was used to gain approval of the Canadian board to remain in service with an appropriate contingency plan.

3) Failure case built for an Upper Annular Preventer open function leak, presented to the BSEE for format and content approval.

4) Failure case pertaining to LMRP and Connector Regulators for small leaks on Yellow Pod.


• Simulator

• Risk Analysis

• Block Diagram Example

• RBD and Fault Tree Example

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