BRMS Services

Smart -Tools® Optimize BOP or Production Controls Up Time

BRMS ™Smart-Tools will reduce the likelihood of unnecessary downtime by addressing equipment reliability on multiple fronts from risk mitigation to core competency.

Smart -Train®

• Modular training program designed to attack reliability issues at root cause.
• Class room & distance eLearning formats

Smart -Sim®

• HMI Controlled P&ID virtual environment simulators customized to your BOP
• Training entry level to advanced troubleshooting skills
• Loss Mitigation & technical communications tool

Smart -Risk®

• Patented rapid assessment and analytics tool
• Technically accurate, fully vetted BOP risk assessment
• Communication tool to align drilling contractors, operators & regulators on system capabilities

Smart -Serve®

• Client Support and Consultancy services on Risk Mitigation & Management of Change
• Various engineering services
• Ad Hock risk and loss mitigation consultancy

More Services

• Customized Computer Animated BOP and Controls virtual environment Simulators built on a platform where the components can have failures induced to reflect actual system reactions coupled with interactive HMI control panels. The simulators can be used for design verification or as a communications tool to show how faults in the system have impacted operability and reliability

• Safeguarding System and Component Reliability and Integrity Curricula

• BOP Operator Certification and Training Curricula

• Subsea Engineer Advanced Operator/Troubleshooting and System Capabilities Recognition Curricula

• Understanding BOP Design Capabilities and Schematics

• Introduction to BOP and Controls System Curricula

• Reliability Centered System Modification Consultancy

• FMECA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) Workshop Facilitation for BOP Advanced Risk Modeling Projects

• Emergency Services for Loss Mitigation In Regard to in Service BOPs Faults and Failures

• Long Term BOP Virtual Environment Simulator Product Support Maintenance and Ad Hoc Services Provisions

• Technology Based Equipment Sales and Service inclusion on all Simulator Sales

• Ad Hoc Electro/ Hydraulic Simulation Projects on Systems Other Than BOP and Controls

• If the system has an Electro/Mechanical or Hydro/Mechanical control system we can build it using our patented and standardized methods.