The BRMS HMI Control BOP System Simulator makes a great tool to get everyone on the same page when issues arise, lessening the chances of someone miscommunicating system integrity issues:

  • Pre-evaluate all known failure modes.
  • Aid in training and skills evaluations of the operators and maintenance personnel.
  • Trouble shooting and fault finding.
  • Communications.
  • All operators including Ads, drillers, tool pushers and Subsea personnel can now be trained on their systems proper use lessening the chances for mistakes to occur.
  • Failures at varying degrees can be input into the simulator so the user can see how the system is effected.
  • System can be used to teach basic hydraulics to advanced troubleshooting.

Simulated P&IDs

Taking the case reviewer directly to the component (s) on the P&IDs which have been effected by degradation or failure eliminating component searches on traditional P&IDs and keeps the reviewer screening just the information which is relevant to the case.

smart sim