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(Riser Continuous Service Program)

Riser Inspection Program

  • 100% inspection of ALL critical areas
  • Easy On-site data GO NOGO interpretations
  • Engineering quality FEA ready data
  • Minimal riser preparation
  • Inspection equipment is lightweight - logistic friendly
  • Safe and easy to use in the field
  • Universally applicable to all riser systems
  • Global common tracking database for all riser assets

Ideal CBM Riser Asset Management Program

  • Reliable accurate baseline data.
  • Easily mapped asset ID
  • Accurate scan of 100% of all tubular steel
  • Accurate fatigue measurement
  • Accurate life extension data
  • Easy cost effective inspection method
  • Can detect corrosion under clamps and other hardware assemblies
  • Inspection of complex forms such as assembled slip joints

Unique Riser Inspection Technology

  • 100% of riser tube scanned - horizontal or vertical in racks
  • No descaling or pressure cleaning required
  • Simple logistics lightweight tooling can be rapidly deployed no container freighting
  • FEA quality engineering data detects fatigue and maps 100% of corrosion, this ensures accurate life extension and fitness for service criteria
  • Unique patented tools for riser main tube and auxiliary lines
  • Fast efficient tubular scans less than 1 hour per joint